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It’s a Big day at SketchBloom.

As a Christmas gift to myself this year, and a commitment to my art and digital studio, I finally took the plunge, folks.

After five years, SketchBloom has its very own domain.
This means not only that the sketchbloom name is now mine…all mine ( and that I will need to update my business cards), but that I am able to post videos (eek!)

I am now http://www.sketchbloom.com
( no longer

So, update your bookmarks and let’s pop the champagne Prosecco.

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What a fantastic way to start the Year!

The Liebster Blog Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers, and is reserved to ‘upstart’ blogs with less than 200 followers.
It originated in Germany and its meaning is ‘beloved’, or favorite.<3
It was bestowed to me by the Kuwaiti artist (und blogschwester!) Ghadah Alkandari at PrettyGreenBullet, whom I consider a role model as a 360 degree artist and blogger.
Needless to say it is a great honor to receive this, and more to receive it from Ghadah.

Check out her other awardees, it is blog goodness at its BESTE!

I in turn will have to bestow the award onto five upstart bloggers, so stay tuned, deliberations have just started.

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Screenshot of partial views for SketchBloom. March8, 2011. Click to enlarge.


These are recent search terms that lead people to find me and SketchBloom.

Go ahead, take a peek.

Your stroller, your wanderer, your [purposeful] idler, your flâneuse… is not alone. 

Thank you searchers….this makes my day.

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