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Lift now the lid of the jar of heaven,

Pour, cupbearer, the wine of the invisible,

The name and sign of what has no sign.

Pour it abundantly.

It is you who enrich the soul–

Make the soul drunk and give it wings.

Come again always, rich one,

and teach all our cupbearers their sacred art.

Be a spring jetting from a heart of stone;

Break the pitcher of soul and body–

Make joyful all lovers of wine.

Ferment a restlessness in the heart

of the one who thinks only of bread–

Bread is a mason of the body’s prison;

Wine, a rain for the garden of the soul.

I’ve tied the ends of the earth together.

Lift now the lid of the jar of heaven

Close those eyes that see only faults

Contemplate those that only see the invisible

so no mosques or temples or idols remain

So this or that is drowned in his fire.


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Paragraphs of books become a pattern for a one-of-a-kind infinity scarf.
Be still, my heart.

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Just completed a watercolor/collage on a drawing by my father.

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A beginning of a collage over my father’s drawing.

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The Eternal Life of Objects, the Persistence of You

You skate
On the membrane of my dreams
We are divided by a thin layer of ice
The surface breaks
And there it is
All of our love
All of my sorrow
Flooding and resurfacing
Precarious degrees
Separating water
From water.

We spill over fields and rice paddies
-This is how we will come back-
All of our impossible futures,
The ache of forking paths
We will be streams, and rivers
Timeless and steady arteries.

I visit you in images
Stitched together between awakenings.
I take your things, put them away
The inevitability of your arms
As i come to.

You lie just beneath
the gossamer veil of thoughts
– forgive as the sea forgives,
as it heals, as it forgets,
Forgive as children are forgiven-
Their eyes are not windows yet
But mirrors.

Calabria, September 2012

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