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Lights from Kuwait City. Just before the new year, overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Happy New Year.

I welcomed 2010 on a beach, overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

In Italy we say that what you do the first day of the year you will do all year, and I would love to continue doing art -and posting it- all of 2010. I am in Kuwait for the holidays and, feeling like a foreign correspondant, I offer these sights. I do not have my usual computer- and Photoshop, so here are these images, raw, unedited, uncropped, uncaptioned.  I hope you will enjoy them.

This is the Al-Boom and surrounding areas, my first sighting of Kuwait and its history. It is also called the Hashemi, a recent reproduction of the ancient vessel (Kuwaitis were sea-people, like my father, merchants and pearl collectors).

The Al- Boom is the biggest man made vessel constructed out of wood , its interior is used as a reception hall. I found it magnificent, and the details were exquisite, something to revel on.

Kuwait/ Hidden Eden/ Pearls in the Shell

Gallery Updated  Jan.2, 2010


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