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All photos taken using Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera with Leica wide lens

Mother of Pearl, translucent

Wispy, cloudlike, ethereal

Ephemeral, iridescent


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Photograph Feb. 09

Photograph Feb. 09

This is an example of extemporaneous art.

Art happens all the time, on the edge of our consciousness.

The difference between the artist and the art-aware, is that the artist captures the object of wander and preserves it for future use.  We do not/ cannot let go of  a moment in which Art manifests herself.  We need to posess it, not only experience it.  We are collectors, time keepers.  We are greedy.

This play of light happened as I hung my father’s japanese robe on a window.
I appropriated this robe few years ago, as it was stored inside my parents’ armoire and had never been used since my father received it as a gift, sometimes in the 70′ s or 80’s.
The light streaming through the silk yarns made it alive. Red light bathed the room.  What was captured with the camera is, at best, an approximation, as are all emotions “collected in tranquillity” (Wordsworth).
The robe- and the air in the room- was on fire.

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