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Sketchbloom is a place for poetry and art.

Art can take many forms, but I believe the common denominator of all those human endeavors we  define as art is its ability to enlighten our soul and define another face of Beauty.

Creativity happens when heart, mind and soul are working in unison and- and I believe this is important- mindfulness is practiced.

Mindfulness is simply being in the moment- with your whole being.

It means being focused on the present (here and now), sometimes, even laser-like focused.

I wanted to create this “place” to share my poetry and art with kindred spirits, to show work in progress and as a way to inspire me to always keep on creating.

Today was the day where it became harder to be “tight in a bud than blossom”, to paraphrase Anais Nin.

It is so difficult for artistic minds to focus on one thing only, for our greatest gift is to see the world holistically.

We also tend to love so many things, but experience has taught me to “do one thing (at a time). do it well”.

This requires discipline and , most of all, knowing ourselves and what works for us to realize our vision.

My passion is art-making, photography, and writing, sometimes poetry–sometimes just my thoughts. I am in love with music, all kinds, for music is portable art!

I believe one of my callings is to share knowledge, so this is also a place for books and learning, of all sorts.

I am passionate about books and especially, about books that can inspire artists to create.

One of these books is, of course “The Artist’s Way”, but I found helpful also “” Eat Your Frog”–which is a book about procrastination.

I am sometimes guilty of the latter, as are the most talented, brilliant people I know. It could be read as perfectionism.

One of the tips that really helps me is to set aside a large chunk of time to one project and trying to keep my borderline-ADD (which comes from being an artist;)) under control.

Removing ourselves from usual settings also works.

We all work in progress, as I see it. There will be times of brilliance and there will be times of falling.

To me, this”place” ( i like the world “place”, better than “blog”) is also a way to keep myself accountable, to “keep showing up” to my Art.

I wrote a book of Poetry and Art in 2007 and meant to publish it in 2008. It did not happen. But It does exist online, and I will share it here.

I also have a book to write (on my long “to-do” list) and memories will start fading if I do not tackle this soon.

I used to think that Art happened only when I painted or sketched, but lately I appreciate the time for photography , which an art that can happen everywhere, and digital art.

I work on the computer a lot, and it seems only natural.

It does not matter what the product ends up being, as long as we keep the creative part of us alive and protect the time for soul-inspiring work from the endless day-to-day errands.

It is a precious gift and requires dedication, even stubborness. Your errands will expand accordingly to the time available, so make time for art.

Of course I am telling this more to myself than anyone who might be reading.

Thank you so much for coming to my “place”.

There are lots of good things to share.


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