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Christmas Day finds me in Amsterdam this year, on my way to Milano. Internet access may be intermittent the next few weeks, and while I plan to do art and sketch (well, as much sketching as subzero temperatures will allow), I won’t have my scanner so the quality of the drawings, collages and whatever else I may do will not be pristine, so bear with me. After all, this is the beauty of traveling: not having your usual environs, trappings and equipment leads to creative problem solving and a bit of experimenting (even though, judging from my luggage, it sure does look like I am carrying all my trappings :P). I plan to use a very nifty feature I discovered in WordPress: post by SMS (text). I am not sure my Italian sim card will allow me to use my Android phone as modem or that I will have internet on it, but I sure will be able to text so I am looking forward to post some impressions of Milano in winter, maybe even some life ephipanies (ha!).
For now I want to leave with some quotes I took down from the movie Eat, Pray , Love (don’t judge, it was playing on the plane and I happen to dig the author, as I mentioned before):

Americans know entertainment, but they don’t know pleasure.

In Italy we have the expression ‘dolce far niente’ ; the sweetness of doing nothing.

Maybe you are a woman in search of a word.

Ruin is a gift. Ruin leads to transformation and evolution.


Learn to see with your heart, not with your eyes, or with your head.

Meditate while smiling. Smile not just with your face, smile with your head. Smile even with your liver.

You don’t have to be married or have children to have a family.

You have to learn to select your thoughts everyday, just as you select the clothes you are going to wear everyday.

God dwells within me. As me.

To live is to trust.

What if you had the capacity one day to love the whole world?

A Merry, Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let’s hope is a good one
Without any fear.
(And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?)


Here is to new beginnings without old nonsenses.

Here is to lots of art and growth (and lots of good things to share)



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There are ‘doing’ days and there are ‘absorbing/thinking’ days. Today was the latter.

{ Here } is a wonderful Ted talk from the author of ‘Eat, Pray,Love’ on inspiration and its transcendence (thankyou to my friend Momen for sharing this). I must admit I was wary of the book, and of ‘jumping on the band wagon’, but through this talk I could see Elizabeth Gilbert, sans-hype: a brilliant thinker, enlighting, humorous, with not an ounce of self-importance. She reminded me of an academic, and I wonder if she ever taught: her caring and accessibility would make her a formidable teacher. I like to think, in another life, I would have met her, and we’d be fast friends.

It’s been couple of days filled with love, music, colors, soulful food, words, friendship. Eyes exposed to new sights, hands holding crafts and design objects, papers, manufactured desires. I have basked in the scent of hand-picked books, curated lives, and held manuscripts I know I will never have the time or chance to read.

May all your days be full of enchantment, wonder, and the humble realization that we are, all of us, forever perched on the edge of knowledge.  We can only gaze at this sea, be open to it- arms wide.

Trust that all that is meant for you to see, read, discover,and, yes, love will no doubt alight your path.

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